Is Anyone Out There?

Hello, all. If anyone is out there, good to have you here. Thanks for getting as far as this sentence, and hope you stick around to find out what this post is about. Let me just get right to it no? Books! I’ve been doing far more reading over the past few months than I have ever. For good reason, I think. Actually, no, I know. When you discover something great you just get an itching to share it.

They might seem all over the place in regards to genre, but I picked these all up for a reason and got something out of each one that I was looking for. Like anything, take them with a grain of salt. If you’re called to it, check it out.

The two strays (pun intended, you’ll see later) are an adventure to read. They’re both on a journey that makes you question everything, leaves you helpless at times, but in the end, you come out wiser, stronger, and a deeper understanding.

The first one is Wild by Cheryl Strayed from lost to found on the Pacific Crest Trail. 

I recently finished this one about a week or so ago. I found it scanning the shelves of the self-help section of goodwill. It wasn’t until I returned two days later to actually purchase. I was really called to it by the title and her story. Heres a little snippet:

It is such a fun and engaging read. You really feel like you’re hiking there with her step by step. I would read this for hours just fully immersed in the PCT world with her.  I gasped, I laughed, I felt the emotion. The reason I was so drawn to it is for the independence and strength one grows when faced with adversity. Shows you how it’s all possible to get to the other side, one hurdle after the other. I’ve yet to watch the film but without a doubt, read this first.

Next one is near and dear to my little heart. Which, coincidently, just by reading this, made it grow bigger. As the title reads, Ishmael An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit by Daniel Quinn. To the T it is definitely an adventure about the sad truth our planet is facing at the hands of us humans. It is wonderful, it is relevant, it is blunt, it is eye/heart/mind opening. You want more and get more. And feel like you have a sense of responsibility. Because, really, we all do.

*warning* you might think you’re an animal whisperer after reading this


In the recent months, I had my ass kicked by heartbreak. Naturally, it kicked me down that helpless road we all take to self help aisle of the bookstore. At least I did shamelessly.  I used to think it was cheesy, still do, but hey, they are bestsellers for a reason. And, it’s one of the healthier habits to pick up when you don’t know what the hell to do. If you’re still going through that road, don’t worry, keep going and give these a read.

First one,

Did you see this coming? Is it even a book recommendation post without mentioning this cult favorite? You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero is highly recommended and talked about because it reminds you that yes, you’re a badass, don’t take shit from anyone, don’t give said shit to anyone, follow your heart, love yourself because that’s what matters most. I don’t want to give it all away so you can dive into the experience yourself. It’s worth it the hype! You are already a badass, but let this reassure you furthermore.

This little gem, I’ve had for a few years. I always go back to it when, quite literally, am sweating the small stuff. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff… and it’s all small stuff by Richard Carlson snaps me back into the present moment, grounds me and takes the heaviness away. If you’re not feeling like reading a chapter book this would be the one to get. The “chapters” are maximum 2 pages long. You can finish this in a day or easily prolong it by reading a few pages a day. There’s no order to this either so you can also just pick a random chapter that’s relevant to you and read it.

Last and certainly not least, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. This literal book of wisdom, if you let it, will shift your perception in the best, most beneficial way possible. It is very spiritual, but again, take bits of each book with a grain of salt. Take what you feel applies to you and incorporate into your life. Regardless, I do feel like these four agreements are something we all can follow. If we’re spiritual, religious or not. To simply live life better to benefit not just ourselves, but those around us. This is one of the shorter, quicker books of the bunch.


I surely hope you got something out of reading this! All these have guided me to a better path I’m learning and embarking on every day. Reading has been a huge part of my life these past few months, and I’m sure more of these post will come in the future. Thank you for sticking around.




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