Cruelty Free Favorites

First off, hello guys! Long time no post. I’m sorry, I recently started school after taking two years off. I graduated high school in 2015 and I’m finally doing something. It’s going great but as you can imagine, I am exhausted every day and overwhelmed, but that’s a good thing. I finally have a legit excuse to be tired and sleep all weekend. My plan is to post every of those said weekends. I want to dedicate and commit more time to my blog and really work towards what I wanted in the beginning when I started it. If you really want something you’ll make time for it however you can. So, hey, here we are.

I’ll be splitting the favorites into two separate posts, otherwise, one would be super long. A makeup/ beauty post and this one that’s about hygienic, toiletry things we use.  So, today I’ll be sharing some favorites of mine that have kept me feeling fresh after every use. And will for sure do the same for you!

We all brush our teeth. At least hopefully. You will after this post. Finding a good cruelty free toothpaste can be hard. It was for me at first to find one that gave me the same effect and results as the good old Crest 3D White. There’s fluoride free or with fluoride, antiplaque, whitening, blah blah this blah blah that. I am here to make the search easier for you. Or a good place to start.

The Toms of Maine Luminous White toothpaste was a home run. Much like we all are, we’re used to the foamy sudsy super minty feel of a toothpaste. I wanted that because I personally felt like it left my teeth really clean. The ingredient that causes that is fluoride, it’s a personal decision if you want it in your toothpaste or not. I personally do, from experience of trying a toothpaste that doesn’t.

This toothpaste does that while being cruelty-free with no shady ingredients. And really inexpensive. This left my mouth feeling clean and refreshed after every use, I noticed a huge difference as well in whitening. It’s not overly minty but just the right amount that’ll make you say “ahh”. I really really love this. If you’re in the market for a new toothpaste, check this one out at your local Target or Walmart, your teeth will thank you. And so will the bunnies.

Next up IS basically my favorite invention ever. The best decision you’ll make for your armpits. If you’re busy and forget to put on deodorant in the mornings like I do, go get these. Forget the other things in this post, just go and buy the Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes at Ulta. They don’t take up a lot of space in your bag, you look in there often anyways and will remember to put this on if you were in a rush. They smell so warm and coconutty.  Not overly fragrant or artificial. I get extreme headaches with that stuff, but with these I am clear. I love everything about them, they’re biodegradable so throwing these away don’t harm the planet. They’re aluminum free, vegan, no bad ingredients. The application is a breeze, your armpits will feel clean, smell good and it’ll be an instant pick me up anytime. They come in different scents so you’ll find something that works for you.

Sticking with the theme here, another deodorant I’m in love with is the Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant in Bergamot and Lime.   An amazing, affordable deodorant ($4.99 at Target), it smells so fresh and glides on smoothly. I switched to natural deodorant about two years ago and never looked back. I loved the LaVanilla in coconut, but financially I couldn’t drop $15 on one to repurchase. I tried one from Queen Helene but it wasn’t my favorite. This, on the other hand, go buy it! If you’re looking to switch to a non-aluminum deodorant for whatever reason go for this one. They come in a variety of scents. And, also it doesn’t hurt that they’re made less than an hour away from where I live. Heck yeah to supporting local business.

Hi, my name is Magda and I had an itchy scalp and dandruff. Yes, had, because of this shampoo! After awhile Head & Shoulders was just not cutting it. I never thought I would find a cruelty-free alternative to it because I thought nothing worked like H&S. I was wrong, nothing new. This works phenomenally. Not only is my hair less dandruffy after every wash, but it looks so much healthier and shinier than it ever did with H&S. Yes, it is a little more expensive than some cheap $5 shampoo that only coats your hair with shit chemicals and ingredients. You’re paying for quality here and feeding your hair like you should. Worth the investment! (buy here)

Oh, who doesn’t love Trader Joes? It’s mandatory for me to walk and look at their beauty section, and walk away with something. Obviously. At not even $3 you have a great body oil. I was trying to use up another oil I wasn’t a fan of so I could finally venture out and look into something better. I watched a video a few months back, she mentioned she uses this after the shower. And I just love the idea of a natural oil being your moisturizer when you hop out (carefully). She was not wrong, this stuff is an amazing moisturizer for your entire body. A few drops go such a long way and sink into the skin fairly quick. I’ve had it for a few months and I’m still not even half way through. Pick this up next time you’re there!

We made it, this is the end. Phew, that was a long one. I just have a lot to say about my favorite stuff and want to be descriptive to help you out! I’ll have the beauty faves post out as soon as I can. I’m excited to share that one with you! Thanks for reading, guys.



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