Wet n Wild Perfect Pout Gel Lip Liners

Who else is overwhelmed by all of the drugstore brand releases this past month? Overwhelmed in a good way but I can’t keep up! So many great things to try out from so many cruelty-free affordable brands, and I hope to share it with you. Today we’re diving into the lip category.

If you keep up and follow any vlogger or makeup brand on social media, you would’ve seen the craze over all of Wet n Wilds new releases. What excited my inner lipstick queen were their lip liners. For some reason, I just knew these would be good. Or were they?

The WnW Gel Liners retail for $2.99 at Walgreens and their website (haven’t spotted anywhere else yet) and come in 5 different colors. I was lucky enough to snag two of them (Bare To Comment and Never Petal Down) on sale for $1.99 each! Be sure to check your Walgreens for sales if you’re interested.

The claims, well claim these will be a seamless and flawless application. No tugging or dragging on the lips and will deliver never-ending color. Which, personally, is exactly what I want in a lip liner. Not a fan of ones that cling to dryness and/or are a pain to apply. I mean, no one has to be a fan of that.

Happy to report that the claims are true. They apply like butter, super pigmented, it’s easy to get a precise clean line to overdraw or just trace your lip line. I’ve applied these on freshly exfoliated lips and when I’ve had a bit of dryness but it glided over it effortlessly. These almost feel like a balm to me, which can be good and bad (more on that later), but like I said above, I would rather have hydration over dryness. Always.

Another thing I love is that they’re retractable. Nothing excited me more, I feel like retractable lip liners are always more moisturizing and creamier than pencil ones. Much like the Jordana lip liners that are crazy affordable and at Walgreens too. For the two I own I can say that they’re super pigmented and apply that way. No patchiness with these babies.

While I do love how these apply and the formula because these are super creamy, on their own they don’t last long. I applied the shade Bare To Comment, which is basically my lips but better shade, before having a meal one day and after I was finished it was completely gone. I sort of expected this so I wasn’t really let down. I still love them for the price.

You get 0.25 grams for $2.99 and compared to a Colourpop lip liner which is very similar in performance and packaging, you get one whole gram for $5. So, really you’re getting what you pay for with these. Depending on how fast you use them or not, these could last you awhile since you don’t need to be building up the color. Also, Walgreens always has sales for WnW so that would be a good time to stock up if they end up being go-to for you.

Overall, I’m happy with these and how they worked for me. The brand has stepped up all of their new releases in packaging and performance it makes me so happy great products like these are so affordable and CF. Nothing better! I’m curious to see how they hold up and work underneath a lipstick, they would be useful under drying liquid lips. I’ll be sure to report back to you on that!

Thanks, a lot of reading this review. I hope it helped you out in any way and learned a thing or two! Don’t go too crazy out there shopping all the new releases. Or do it’s okay I don’t judge.



13 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Perfect Pout Gel Lip Liners

  1. They’re only 2.99?! Okay. Totally sold. Thanks so much for letting me know about this post! I have been in some serious need of lip liners for my collection. Both of these colors look absolutely stunning too. I wish they would be okay to be worn by themselves, but for the amazing price point I can’t really be too upset 😛

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