Sonia Kashuk Satin Matte Foundation

Happy new year, friends! Today we are going to be diving into a foundation that came out towards the end of 2016. I’m sure you’ve seen this at your local Target or going around Youtube. You guessed it, the Sonia Kashuk Soft Focus Satin Matte Foundation. Retails for $12.99 only at Target and online. I’ve got quite the review for you today, both good and bad. Let’s get started with what I liked.

*I have oily/very acne prone skin. More combination right now in the winter*

So, first off the packaging is GORGEOUS. I love the look, the feel, all of it. It’s a frosted glass bottle so it has some weight to it. Makes it feel all the more luxurious. It has a freaking pump, we all love pumps which are rare for drugstore foundations. Sonia Kashuk nailed it in that aspect.

The foundation itself is runny, but not watery consistency. It’s not overly liquidy which I like. I primed my skin with my Hard Candy Primer Mist before hand. Right off the bat, it blended really well with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush. On my skin I got light, to minimum medium coverage, mind you I have active acne and a lot of scarring. I’ve applied this foundation on my sister who has normal/combo skin (bless her) and she got medium to full coverage with one pump. So, I did have to build this up on myself.

And this, my friends, is where we get into the cons of this product.

From far away (far from my mirror) I was really impressed. I got so excited and thought “yes this is going to be my new favorite and it’s only $13, score.” Up close, which I dread doing because it happens way too often, it wasn’t clinging to my acne, which is weird but all over my forehead. I didn’t even know I had dryness there, thank you winter. I tried building it up but we all know how that goes.

You don’t get a full ounce in this, keep that in mind. The shade range is pathetic. 6 shades and at my Target not all of them were available. It has a mild perfumey scent, it kind of lingers for a few minutes but eventually goes away. Nothing I got a headache over since I’m very sensitive to scents in smell and on my skin. I don’t prefer it.

The biggest deal breaker this had was it oxidized. I knew that when I purchased it, read and watched review videos but it didn’t happen for everyone. I thought I would be one of the lucky ones but sadly I turned orange.

I hope you can tell the difference in pictures, it was hard to tell but trust me it got much darker in a span of 3-5 minutes. The top picture on the right is right after I pumped some out, and the bottom is minutes after. 

On my face, it wasn’t as orangey as it looks on my hand, but my face was significantly darker than my neck. and chest. I’m pretty pale, okay not pretty pale, I’m super pale these days so I had to load on the bronzer and blend down my neck to even it out. If I had gotten a lighter shade it might’ve darkened to match my skin tone, but because it didn’t perform well coverage wise I wouldn’t bother personally. If you don’t have much to cover, give this a shot but keep in mind it oxidizes so go a shade down (that’s if you find one that matches you).

I really wish this had worked for me. A $13 cruelty-free foundation at the drugstore sounded like a dream come true. But hey, if this ends up working for you, that’s great! I hope my 2 cents on this product helped you out if you were eyeing this. Looks like I’m still on the hunt for the perfect foundation, if that even exist. Let me know yours!

Have a great week!




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