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Batiste Who?

Who else fell into the hype of the Batiste dry shampoo? Guilty as charged. Don’t get me wrong, it works really well. I lived for their brunette shade. Unfortunately, Batiste isn’t cruelty-free! Sad, I know. But fear not, I have a great alternative to share with you all, with before and after pictures at the end!

I introduce you the Giovanni Powder Power Dry Shampoo. The claims from their website…

  • 2 in one power shampoo and instant volumizer
  • Freshens hair in a sap
  • Boost body, volume & bounce
  • Instantly adds shine
  • Gives hair a boost while absorbing excess oil
  • Convenient for on the go use

Their number one claim is volume and absorbing oil. Does it do that? YES. I didn’t have high expectations since I went from an aerosol can that worked amazing, to a strange looking bottle full of powder. But I was really pleasantly surprised and happy with the results the second time I used it. The first time was a fail and used way too much so my hair looked very powdery. Once I figured out the best way to use it, it worked magically! Check out the results below on my third day hair.




How To:

I part my hair in four sections. Right, middle, left and the crown of my head. Which are all the areas to cover for the best volume. While it works if you apply the powder straight from the nozzle, I find that sometimes it will concentrate powder on my scalp instead of my roots. So, because of that, I apply powder on my palms and rub them together, then I gently pat it on my roots. This way I can build it up slowly without using a lot. A little goes a long way so be careful!

Once I apply it to all the targeted areas I let the dry shampoo absorb my oils for less than a minute to really get the most of the powder. After a few seconds have gone by, I will take my fingers and shake my roots to distribute the powder more evenly. And here’s the results!

My hair comes out so revitalized, shiny, the only shine we want from our hair, AND volumized! I’m so happy to share this with you all as a cruelty-free alternative. You can get healthy volumized hair without all the harsh chemicals, this is paraben free and sulfate free!  The scent is very mild and doesn’t linger. The powder itself is really fine so your hair won’t feel weighed down! You get 1.7 ounces for under $10. Must. Have.

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post! There are great alternatives to our favorite non-cruelty free products, and my hope is that this makes it easier for you to find them. Have a great rest of your week, see you soon!



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