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Trader Joes Beauty Isle Part Two

Here’s the part two that I had promised! If you haven’t already, go and check out part one where I basically talk about some of their best moisturizers. You can never have too many if you’re a hand cream freak like me.

Anyways, this part two will be covering some of Trader Joe’s bath and body products. Remember, Trader Joe’s is cruelty-free and all of these products are under $10 in store. I’m linking them from Amazon if you’d like to read more reviews.

Let’s start off in chronological order by how you’d use these in the shower, because that’s just how my brain works.

First, we wash our hair (every other day). Hate to start on a bad note, but luckily this is the only product I didn’t love. The Trader Joes All For One, One For All. I had a hunch I wouldn’t, but I still gave it a shot. I love the concept of this, it’s innovative. You can use it for shampoo, conditioner, body wash. My hair is super picky if it doesn’t like a shampoo it will get super greasy the next day and will develop dandruff as I do suffer from that. That’s what this shampoo did. I never tried it as body wash but we’ll talk about a great one later on. Give this a try if you rush in the mornings or just like all in one’s, maybe this will work better if you don’t struggle with what I do. Smells great and lathers well! Will cost you about $7.

Second, we exfoliate! This is Trader Joes Lavender Salt Scrub, will cost you between $5-6. I use this with exfoliating gloves from eco tools. Which I highly recommend you invest in because using this with your bare hands will BURN. I tried it once and it was a painful experience. Aside from that, I really loved this. Smells like you’re exfoliating with a bunch of essential oils. Which you are, smells natural not artificial or chemically. Really felt like you were getting a great scrub due to the salt. I love using this before shaving to open up my pores to get a closer shave. This can make your bathtub slippery from all of the oils in this, so beware! The packaging is great too, it can get messy but that’s a given.

Next, comes the shaving, I absolutely LOVE the Trader Joes Honey Mango Shave Cream. This is about $2.49 if I remember correctly. No more than $3, which I can’t even believe. The fragrance is so sweet but not overly sweet. It has a milky like consistency but not super runny. It’s perfect! Your legs will feel incredibly soft afterwards (no razor bumps) and will make your shower smell like mango heaven. The squeeze tube is super convenient as well, they’re just functional. I love it and I hope you will too, pick it up!

After the smooth legs, I go in with my holy grail body wash! Dr. Bronners Pure Castile Soap.  You can use this baby for just about anything diluted. I mean it, read the bottle! This is sold in other stores, not just Trader Joes, but I figured I should mention it because it’s AMAZING. While I prefer the almond scented soap, the peppermint one is just as good. It smells exactly like it and feels super cooling when you apply it. Almost gives you the chills. This comes in a variety of smells, you’re bound to find one you love. It’s such a big bottle for how cheap it is, last so long! Pick up a bottle wherever store you see it, you will love it! The price does vary from store to store.

Last but not least, the Trade Joe’s Lavender Hand and Body lotion. I am lotion crazy, secrets out. This is between $4-5 and smells so divine. Absolutely adore the scent. Like I mentioned in part one, my hands will get dried out after washing them, so this is super convenient to keep right by the soap to apply right afterwards. I apply this as a body lotion whenever I shower during the day for light but hydrating moisture (I use something heavier at night). It sets quickly with no residue.

And that concludes my Trader Joe’s beauty isle mini-series! There are so much more products at TJ’s I have yet to try, so fear not, I’m certain I will do more reviews on them sooner or later. I know I love referring to reviews before purchasing things, so I hope this was it for you!

The week is halfway done, almost there! Make the best of it.



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