National Lipstick Day!

In spirit of the holiday, on a whim, I’m going to show you guys some of my favorite lipsticks! 

From brands to shades, in no particular order. Just a few of my favorites! Best of all? They’re all super affordable, accessible, great quality, and most of all cruelty free. 

Elf Studio Matte Lip Color in Natural, $3 @ Walmart, Kmart, Target and site.

Aside from having a super affordable price tag, this matte formula is increadibly comfortable and long lasting on the lips. They don’t tug or dry them out! Of course with any lipstick you’d want to make sure your lips are well hydrated and exfoliated to ensure a smooth application. This is in a perfect pencil shape to really outline our lips first and fill in after. One neat hack ELF added to this lippy, the end of the pencil actually pops out as a sharpener! Super handy to keep the point in shape. The shade below is in Natural, great your lips but better shade!  

Jordana Modern Matte Lipstick in Matte Dare $2.99 @ Walgreens and site. 

– Another matte formula, oopsie, but it’s so good! My swatch doesn’t do it justice, I promise you they’re super opaque and pigmented. I get such a smooth and even application. Again super comfortable with little to no tug. In your standard bullet packaging, it’s easy to outline your lips. With this I do like to use a natural color liner before to ensure its longevity. Also, for it being a bold color it doesn’t bleed! They have a sweet, sugary, cookie scent to it but it doesn’t linger. They do transfer but leave behind a stain that makes it fade evenly. If you get what I mean! 

Wet N Wild Megalast in Bare it All $1.99 @ Walgreens, Walmart, Target, Kmart, Rite Aide and site.

– An oldie but a very goodie! Is that a word? These are probably the best lipsticks at the drugstore. Of course, I haven’t tried them all, but this creamy/matte formula is incredible for the $2 price tag. I own a variety of shades and they’re all super comftorale on the lips. They don’t dry them out or tug, they’re just overall a great little product. Packaging isn’t the best, the cap always scrapes off product when you try to cap it back on. Kind of inevitable unless you’re careful. Other than that minor set back, they have tons of super pigmented shades to choose from. Bare It All is the perfect brown, pinky nude that’ll never go out of style. 


Essence Longlasting Lipstick in Dare To Wear $2.99 @ Ulta, Target and site. 

– Last but not least, this lippy is super moisturizing and pigmented to match. It didn’t last long without a liner so using one would be best for longevity. This color came out really orangey even though it’s a perfect red. The sleek, matte black packaging gives it all the NARS feel to it. Which who isn’t a fan of honestly?

…And that’s it! Thanks for reading, guys! I hope National Lipstick Day treated you all well and gave you an excuse to buy more shades of colors you already have. We’re all guilty.  I for one love to play around with different lip colors to add flare to any look. They’re probably my favorite makeup item #lipstickqueen. 

Happy weekend! 

❤ PFB 


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