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Oily/Acne Prone Skincare Routine 

Hey, guys! Today we’re gonna talk all about my skin care routine. First and for most, if you didn’t catch the title, I have oily and very acne prone skin. Since I can remember my skin has been walking through hell and finally it’s starting to bounce back. Hallelujah! A good routine is so much more than taking a makeup wipe all over your face and calling it good. We’re all guilty of it. So, before we get into the good stuff, I’m gonna tell you a story about what really has made a key difference in my skin.

Hi, I’m Magda and I was a chocoholic.

Morning, afternoon, after school and at night are the times I would have a glass of Nesquick chocolate milk.  Some days I would tone it down and have one or two. But, even so it was routined for me to have one, I couldn’t go a day without it! We were attached to the hip. Heck, one of my old passwords (I changed it) used to be ‘Chocolatemilk1’. Much to my dismay I didn’t know that milk, all of that sugar and added hormones would be the one thing causing all the painful breakouts I’d wake up with. In conjunction with not knowing how to wash my face properly, or using the right products for my skin, or knowing my skin type. I always came home confused why my face was sweaty and uncomftorable at the end of the day.  My routine consisted of taking a makeup wipe at night to “wash” my makeup off. Are you cringing yet? I was clueless to all I know now.

October and December (2015) came around, and I finally sat my ass down, educated myself on other ways to combat acne. Spending so much money on product after product that promised it would clear my acne overnight wasn’t cutting it anymore. Thinking of those deceiving Neutrogena Grapefruit Cleanser commercials. Yes, you know what I’m talking about. Who hasn’t fell in the Neutrogena trap at some point? Every article I read said to quit dairy, meaning I would quit my chocolate milk. I would try for a few days, but I couldn’t stay away long. Until December I had enough. Sucked it up, quit entirely and right before my eyes a month later I looked at myself and gasped. I could’t believe that I hadn’t notice I wasn’t breaking out. I snapped a picture to my boyfriend and said “Look how clear my skin is!”. It was pure magic I tell you. Ever since I’ve been sober of chocolate milk, and I’ll never have a drink again. I  would think to myself and chant “for my skin, for my skin!” like a mad woman. Although my skin isn’t 100% clear, it is definitely about 85% better and feel more confident to go out barefaced. Through out the months up until now I have curated this skin care dream team. Let’s dive in!

*All cruelty free*


First, I splash some warm water on my face and squeeze a dime size amount of the Pacifica Sea Foam Cleanser   onto my EcoTools Konjac Facial Sponge  after running it under some water so it softens, then swirl it around my face gently. This has been my favorite combination to remove my makeup, it’s the best and gets rid of everything. EVERYTHING. I swear ever since using the facial sponge from Ecotools that it’s reduced the appearance of my pores, no joke. Give this combo a try or individually, they’re both super gentle and don’t dry out my skin. Not to mention the face wash smells super yummy, cruelty free, vegan, affordable and it’s made in my home state. Go get it!

Once or maybe twice a week, after cleansing my skin I use the Perfectly Posh BFF Exfoliating Wash. This isn’t the full size, I received it as a sample in my Ipsy bag a few months back, thank god! LOVE this stuff. It smells and feels minty fresh when you buff it gently onto the skin. I really feel like I get a great exfoliation with it. Definitely see myself purchasing the full size once I run out. This baby sample has lasted me awhile since I only use it once a week.

My saving grace, my one and only, my holy grail toner- the Pixi Glow Tonic. This has to be my favorite part in my routine. A month or two ago I went a few weeks without this and my skin hated me for it. I would break out more than normal and my skin just didn’t feel the same like when I use this. Because I thought my skin was cursed I thought this wasn’t going to work for me, even after reading its five star ratings. I bought it and let me just tell you I am never living without this. We are entwined and committed for life. After a few days of using this morning and night for the first time, my skin was glowing and my acne scars were diminishing. I was in disbelief something was finally working for me. Along with quitting milk, I found that this keeps my acne at bay. I dispense some product onto half of a cotton pad and away I go all over my skin and neck. You can purchase a travel size of this at Target for $15, but after falling in love I splurged and purchased the full size. Best decision ever!

Lastly I moisturize. In the mornings I mix the Paulas Choice Hydralight Physical Sunscreen  with the Trader joes Oil Free Moisturizer  ($5-6 at Trader Joes stores) since the sunscreen is a little thick alone. Hydrates and shields my skin from the sun. I just now read that Paula’s Choice is discontinuing this sunscreen this summer *sobs*. If you suffer from acne and scarring, wearing sunscreen is a must! Don’t want any of that hyper pigmentation. This works great at keeping me matte throughout the day alone and also under makeup. At night I’ll douse myself with the Trader Joes lotion, it sets fast and gives me enough hydration. I stumbled upon it on a whim and it’s the best! The packaging comes with a handy pump, but I dropped this on accident and it broke off (see picture above).

Here are some extras I thought I should mention. Use a separate face towel for your routine and I recommend getting a hair band to get those obnoxious hairs out of the way. I purchased mine at Walmart for less than $5!

And we’re done!

If you suffer from the same problems I do, I know not all skin is the same but give these products a shot if you’re in need. I swear by them, so when I find something that works for me, I just wanna tell everyone! I’m so happy to be reaching a point where I can feel beautiful with my bare skin and feel extra beautiful with makeup on. Of course I still get those hormonal breakouts that are sadly inventible. But, invest in your skin, guys! It is so worth it. Treating your skin right comes with so many advantages physically and emotionally. There are products out there that will work for you, don’t lose hope. I hope too that the stuff I mentioned today leads you in the right direction. Drink water and research, research , research! Maybe quitting milk/dairy can be your game changer too. Remember its “for my skin, for my skin!”.

Happy weekend, friends! Wear that SPF out in the sun and stay hydrated, going to be a hot one. Which I’m whole heartedly dreading. Please don’t need me, I’ll be like Spongebob hibernating indoors until the sun sets.





8 thoughts on “Oily/Acne Prone Skincare Routine 

  1. Have you ever tried the Mario Badescu drying lotion? I just bought that a couple weeks ago and it is by any definition MAGIC! You dip a q-tip in it and put it on like a already pre-existing zit and go to bed and by the morning its either gone or half the size 😳🙌

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      1. my skin is combo…I get shiny/oily areas and have dealt with breakouts…but it’s also super dry here and the sun is really my skin is basically parched; even though it gets oily. (if you know what I mean). I spray milky mist on a few times a day and it gives me a dose of moisture and refreshes, rids my face of the ‘tight’ feeling. It’s never broke me out either. I use it pre masking and before my moisturizer too.

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