Hidden Gems 

One question before we get started, did you know Dollar Tree sold makeup? You’re probably thinking “it’s cheap, it won’t work” or somewhere along the lines of, well, cheap. Fear not, friends!

I’ve taken a few trips to my local Dollar Tree recently and have found name brands. *GASP* name brands you say?! Yes, you read correctly. The top two I spotted were Milani and Wet n Wild. Now, I’ve seen both brands at the dollar tree before, ranging from nail polishes to they’re most inexpensive lip stick, but never like this.

Here’s what I picked up…

Note that I didn’t pick up every single thing, I wish, but just a few to show you what to expect. 

  • Milani Gel Powder Eyeshadow in 26 Bella Fuchsia (satin matte) -original price $4.99, bought for $1
  • 13 Bella Pink (shimmer) -original price $4.99, bought for  $1
  • Wet n Wild Contour Brush – original price $.99, bought for $1
  • Wet n Wild Crease Brush – original price $.99, bought for $1

The Milani eyeshadow a were a clear steal. Why pay $5 when you can pay $1, right? As for the brushes, a cent more really isn’t that big of a deal. They’re still dirt cheap for how great of brushes they are. Not to mention, vegan and cruelty free. I could never find these specific brushes at my local drugstores, so I couldn’t pass this opportunity up.

At first, I was a skeptic of name brands, like Milani, to be at a Dollar Store. I thought, “oh you know they might not be as good, fake or discontinued items” but no they’re actually still being sold!

The cool thing is too, cool AND reassuring, is that they come in packaging but with an extra plastic wrap around the eyeshadow compact to ensure its never been opened. Phew.

One con I might add is that the names of the eyeshadow don’t come on the packaging! But if the color catches your eye, just grab it and go. (Pictured below)

L-R, Bella Pink (shimmer) and Bella Fuchsia (satin matte). 

Both shadows super gorgeous (obviously) and smooth to the touch. I did have to build up the color once or twice for the Bella Fuchsia. On another note, they both didn’t swatch powdery. I can’t wait to try these out on zee eyes for a real test! Other colors they carried included and beautiful blue and a black/grayish color. May vary from location I’m sure.

Both brushes are increadibly soft, like baby skin soft. It’s amazing. The contour brush on the left has been used previously, and happy to report it works wonderful for blush, contours and bronzer. Also, it hasn’t shed after washing previously.

I’m honestly blown away that they’re so inexpensive with being cruelty free and vegan! They carried more of their brushes as well, from concealer to eyeshadow brushes.

Check out a Dollar Tree near you, stop by and see what new hidden gems are in stock! You really have nothing to lose, they’re all $1. If makeup excites you just as much as it does to me, it’s worth the trip.

Have a fantastic Friday everyone, happy weekend!



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