Now Buff It Out 

I am a firm believer in powder/mineral foundation. It’s quick, it’s easy and it gives me just enough coverage without looking heavy. Who doesn’t want that? To achieve that I have two secret weapons that help me get it right every time.

L to R-

  • Real Techniques Buffing Brush $17.99 @ Ulta, Walmart, Target, Walgreens (this brush only comes in a set).
  • EcoTools Custom Coverage Buffing Brush $5-7 @ Ulta, Walmart, Target.

Time for a quick lesson-

The key with powder foundation is to buff, hence the name of the brushes.  You can’t just slather on some foundation onto your skin and blend it out like liquids. (More on this below)

Above is my BareMinerals Matte Foundation. You first dispense some product onto the lid, take your brush and swirl it to warm up the powder. After you’ve done so, you then begin at the center of your face and buff outwards in circular motions to get your desired coverage. Basically the secret is, the more you buff the more coverage you’ll get. 

Now that my little lesson on powder foundation is done, lets get two the point of why we’re all here.

First things first, of course both of these are cruelty free and synthetic. I mean… duh right? This is an animal hair free zone.

In the beginning I wasn’t a fan of the EcoTools, I thought it wasn’t dense enough. Then I discovered that the Real Techniques had enough more density to feel like it was giving me medium to full coverage. After a few months of neglecting the Ecotools I went back to using it and really noticed no difference.  The Ecotools is more of a flat top brush while the Real Techniques is a round top. Although both are the same size, and like I said, perform just about the same. I’ve had both for well over a year, Ecotools around two/three, they’ve held up amazing after washing them often (no shedding!) and maintain their softeness.

Now, the only con is the price. Sadly, so sadly, the Real Techniques only comes in a Core Collection Set. You can’t purchase it separately, but hopefully this changes in the future. So if you’re not willing to pay $17 for just the brush, though the other brushes are amazing too, you can’t go wrong with the EcoTools.

Another thing, both of these work great with liquid formulas as well! Don’t limit the use of the brush by the name.

If you’ve been eyeing a brush for your powder foundation, or new brush in general, check these out! See you all very soon. Have a great weekend!



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