Comin’ In Cheap 

If you read my previous post about my ipsy bag, you’ll know that I received the Luxie 522 Tapered Highlighter brush. If you didn’t know, no hard feelings. 

My point is, the $24 brush has a little twin. A $3 twin that goes by the name of Elf Small Tapered Brush. Immediately I compared the two to show you the similarities and differences (if there is any). 

 The obvious difference is in design. The Luxie has a gorgeous rose gold ferrule and a baby blue handle. While the Elf brush is murdered out in black (like all their studio line brushes). Luxie brush is longer in a sense, but in reality that doesn’t make a difference in performance of both. 

The good news is they’re both vegan friendly, cruelty free and use synthetic hair. Automatically they’re both winners!

Both brushes are super, increadibly soft. The kind of soft where you just wanna glide it all over your face, you know, that kind of soft. Sigh, if only you could feel how truly soft this is through the screen. Cmon it’s 2016 Apple!? 


Above you can see just how similar these two look. The way they taper to a round tip and are the same in size. The Luxie brush is a LITTLE bit less dense than the Elf. It’s not a huge noticeable difference, but when you touch them, the Elf feels more dense while the Luxie is just a bit more fluffy. 

Now getting to the final answer, is this or is it not a true dupe?

I used both brushes when getting ready this morning (Sunday) and snapped pictures to show you the result when I did my contour. 

Also, I did use the Luxie prior to set both my under eyes and fit perfect to apply powder. 


Above I first used the Luxie Brush. My oh my this brush picks up just enough powder (used the elf contour palette) and blends it like pure butta on bread. Bread being my skin. I achieved such a natural but a “I just carved the shit out of my face” contour. 


Pictured above, I hope you can catch the difference in contour. I used the Small Tapered Brush here by Elf. And, if you remember from my comment, this is a little and tiniest bit more dense than the Luxie. With that being said, I did have to tap off powder before applying to get rid of the excess. Even then though, I still achieve my desired sharp as a razor cheek bones. Before owning the Luxie brush too. It blends the powder really well!

Overall, the Elf Small Tapered Brush is… *drum roll* A DUPE! The $3 brush works amazing for both contouring and setting your concealer. I haven’t tried either of these for highlighting since they look too big for that (IMO). I got mine at Target but you can find it on their website too. 

Both cruelty free and vegan friendly, can’t go wrong with either of these honestly. They feel and function the same that have various purposes. 

Hope you found this helpful and saved you $24! Or $3 whatever one you’d prefer. Thanks for reading, friends! Have an awesome week ahead, see you soon. 

❤ PFB 


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