Bold Them Brows

I am here today to shut down any doubt you had for an inexpensive brow product. 

“Eyebrows are essential” you hear that everywhere. People say they make or break your face, that groomed eyebrows enhance your natural structure. While all of that can be true, it can also be tricky to find a good, solid working eyebrow product to get your eyebrows put together to take on the day. Tricky yet also expensive, but today I have for you a $2 wonder that can do it for you! 

Let me formally introduce the e.l.f Instant Lift Brow Pencil. 

Find it at Walmart, Target or


This little beauty is in the shade Neutral Brown. Sadly this pencil line only comes in three shades (deep brown, neutral brown and taupe) but this works amazing for brunettes! 

Double ended (like most brow pencils) with a decent spoolie on one end and the retractable, hallelujah, pencil on the other. 


If you’re familiar with most popular brow pencils today like the Anastasia Brow Wiz, this elf cosmetics pencil has a more thicker pencil tip as opposed to a more thin and precise point, much like the brow wiz. Which can be a hit or miss I think. 

While I do achieve a full brow with this, it is slightly challenging to fill in my sparse areas because the pencil is so thick. Although, it shapes them in wonderfully and glides on smoothly.  

The pencil is pigmented and creamy, but not too creamy where it’s sloppy. It has a good waxy consistency and stays put on my brows all day (without brow gel FYI). 

Pictured above is one eyebrow done and one not. A good tip I’ve used is to brush your brow hairs down before you fill them in to make sure you don’t miss any spots. I used the spoolie end of the pencil. 

Creepily staring at you, apologizing in advanced for nightmares, I snapped a picture of the final look with both brows filled and brushed through. 

I was skeptical of this working when I first picked it up. But I thought, “what the heck it’s only $2”. I’m glad I did! My first brow pencil experience is off to a good start, so really my brows can only get fleekier from here. Is that a word? 

What are your favorite eyebrow products? I would love to know! 

Hope you all enjoyed today’s post! Here’s to fleekier eyebrows my friends. Also, if I got a penny for how many times I used the word “brow” in this, I could buy 10 of these pencils for everyone. Have an awesome week!



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