Taking “IT” By Storm 

In my previous post I mentioned some products that were new to me! New to me, new to you, which calls for a new blog post, woot woot.

Before my trip, I wanted to pick up some new items that A) I needed and B) were in travel size (so they don’t take up much room).

I didn’t want to pack a lot since I didn’t plan on wearing the whole ‘glam’ everyday. Although, I did need some essentials my collection was lacking. When I am on the hunt for new products I research for days to weeks on end before I buy. I’m crazy, but if you love makeup as much as I do, this is normal I’m sure (I hope at least).

“Hi, I’m Magda” -Me

“Hello Magda” – Makeup Addicts Annonymous Group

“And I can’t stop won’t stop” – Me

After eat, sleep, and breathing makeup research I found these following bad boys:

– IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores $24 at Ulta

– IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Concealer $10 (travel size) $24 (full size) at Ulta

– IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes $10 (travel size) $24 (full size) at Ulta

All of these products had crazy good reviews. I’m talking like over four stars in rating on the Ulta website, and girls on YouTube raved and swore by them. Naturally, I fell into the IT trap and well, here we are….about to dive into each.

I’m gonna go in chronological order in which I would use these, because that’s the OCD in me kickin in.

The Bye Bye Undereye is a super thick, tacky concealer. The consistency is, like I said, thick but as reviewers advised to do I warmed it up before hand with my fingers to thin it out. A little goes a long way, miles long way. I prefer to apply this with my ring finger, and the first time I used this I was blown away by how much this covered.

Above I used the concealer on the left eye and not on the right so you can see the difference.

I don’t suffer from major dark circles, but I do have purple/blue discoloration so the concealer didn’t have much to combat, but still amazing when I first used it. Even though it concealed great, this did crease. Even after setting it. Might I add,  when I used this one day while on my trip, I did notice that it sort of gave me an aged look under there. I’ve read reviewers say that because it creases it can age you. That’s what happened once. And for 18, I don’t have any wrinkles besides the natural creases my bulging eyes make.

My conclusion, this is amazing at concealing but after the little tube runs out I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing. The hunt continues…

Next, after I concealed I set it in place with the Bye Bye Pores. This powder is super fine, silky and smooth to the touch and goes on invisible on the skin. While this didn’t fight the creasing with the concealer, it is pure voodoo magic elsewhere. At first I wasn’t really a fan. Mainly because I did use way too much with a big brush (user error). Having a small face, I use this now with my ELF Small Tapered Brush and it works great to set my oily areas, the T- Zone for short. I don’t have huge pores, but do have them on my forehead, cheeks and nose. Since I am a victim of acne (yes victim), scarring and all of that great stuff I was worried this would accentuate any texture I have. And it did everything BUT that. It blurred the visible pores on my forehead, cheeks and nose (where I have the most). It kept me matte, it makes me look like a pore less baby. Which I appreciate. I freaking love this is where I’m getting at. Well worth it!

Last but not least…

This mascara gives you lashes, hello lashes is a fitting name for it. At an advantage here, I naturally have long lashes with a decent curl. So, a mascara either weighs them down or lifts them up. This can do both, because it is a wet formula it can clump fast and go on gunky. Especially on the tip of the wand like pictured. But nothing a lash comb can’t fix! I do prefer a more wet/ dry formula on a mascara but I don’t mind it all that much with this because it gives me va va voom volume. This is one of the first mascaras that doesn’t weigh my lashes down and holds a curl. I love it!
2 out of 3 are a hit! I especially love that none of these products had to go through an animal to be sold. Cruelty free is the way to go and IT Cosmetics is great proof for that. Little pricey, but worth the splurge if they work out for you. And the travel size items are a great way to try them out first!

I hope you all enjoyed my not so little review. I didn’t want to miss anything so I have to add everything to make it a thorough review for you all, which I hope helps!

Thanks so much for reading!



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