ipsy bag

Spring Galore and Hello

BONJOUR. Super long time no post, my apologies, but today I’m back to show you my ipsy bag for March! To say the least I AM OBSESSED. 

Moving on…

I’m crazy in love with this months bag, not only because the bag itself is my favorite color, but majority of the products are cruelty free. Which makes my heart smile a whole lot. Let’s see what I got? Yeah? You ready? Okay good, me too. 

Chrisspy lookin’ like an aqua goddess. This months theme is ‘Hello Spring’. Well, hello right back! These products are awesome to brighten up your everyday look with a little more glow and natural color. As opposed to the winter blues with dark, vampy tones. 

Product list:

– Beau Gâchis Paris Eyeshadow Brush ($12, Beaugachis.com) 

– NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in shade Soft-Spoken ($6.99, Ulta) 

– Pixi by Petra Beauty Blush Duo in Rose Gold ($18, Pixibeauty.com + kabuki brush included) 

– Manna Kadar Beauty Fantasy 3 in 1 Blush Highlighter Eyeshadow ($19, Mannakadarcosmetics.com) 

$55.99 is the total value for my Ipsy bag this month. Jaw dropping moment because we only pay $10 a month to receive this, with free bag included basically. Mind blowing! 

Little side note, I did receive a 5th product as well, but let my sister have it because it’s something I wouldn’t ever use but she will. Win win. 

L-R: MannaKadar Shadow, NYX Soft Spoken, PIXI Blush Duo

Bag breakdown-

I’ve recieved a Beau Gâchis brush before previously in a bag. Although they do contain natural animal hair, it’s hard to say if it’s cruelty free or not. But it is super soft I’ll give them that. 

Liquid lipstick has been blowing up in the past few months but I never hopped on the band wagon, Ipsy did it for me. I’m super stoked to be able to try this NYX Liquid Suede lippy out. Kinda intimidated by the shade since it looks dark in tube and swatched, but we’ll see on zee lips! I’m a sucker for natural lip colors, who isn’t right?

When I saw I was getting this PIXI Blush Duo I flipped. Don’t know why I was so pumped for this but I was and its amazing. Loving the subtlety of the colors, perfect for a natural flush and glow. The highlight is perfect for fair ladies (like myself) for this upcoming season. 

Still in awe that this Manna Kadar 3 in 1 is $19 alone. Both organic and cruelty free I’m super happy to have this in my collection. The fact that it’s 3 in 1 is great for multipurpose if you don’t like to use many things. $19 holy crap, can’t get over that. 

Overall, like I’ve been saying, super content with this months bag. The bag alone is a beautiful seafoam green, and because the whole point of this shindig (blog) is to talk about cruelty free products happy to report 3/4 are! 

Ipsy is a great way to try out new products. 

Looking forward to use all of these to make an everyday spring look. While I’m not a wearer of  makeup daily, these products will be great to use to pull a ‘no makeup makeup look’ together. Which is what I always go for. All of these will be coming with me on my spring break, woo! (Look forward to future post) 

Happy spring, friends! The rain will continue where I live but the flowers and trees will bloom. Have an awesome week and safe travels to anyone vacationing! Don’t forget the Spf 😉 



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