Chizzle Thy Face

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ cheap, high quality, very pigmented, smooth, somewhat powdery, easily bendable, and did I say cheap, contour palette? I sure as hell do. Maybe you do too, if that’s the case then keep on reading.

I present to you the infamous Elf Cosmetics Contour Palette. You’ve probably heard about if you’re apart of the beauty blogger sphere. It’s so popular because it is just that good, and it’s a staple product of mine. Oh yeah, it really is only $6, talk about WUMBO.

The palette is small and compact which makes it great for on the go. Has an awesome, big mirror. Referencing the picture on the right, the squares in the palette actually pop out. If you’ve ever seen the blush palette that looks exactly like this (for same price) it would be a neat idea to custom make your own. Little tip for ya!

Left to right swatches: highlight, ‘banana’ yellow setting powder, bronzer, contour powder.

First of all, need I remind you I have super light skin, not crazy fair, but no where near a medium skin tone if you catch my drift. I’m a yellow/neutral undertone. Another thing, all shades besides highlight are matte.

The highlight is very faint on me, it’s not by any means a stark, seen from space, highlight. Very subtle and natural. Also powdery but just tap off the excess product before applying and you are good to go. I wouldn’t recommend building it up though.

Second, ‘banana’ yellow powder, works well to set concealer. I don’t use it to set my T zone or anywhere else on my skin, but it’s really good for under eyes. Like I’ve said before, this is powdery to the touch and swatch. Do the same thing and tap off before applying. I’m a broken record here, but I also don’t advise to build this up.

I am all for this bronzer they added. It swatches smooth and feels really buttery. Although it is a warmer bronzer, has no shimmer, it still really gives a really nice glow and warmth to the skin. I will never use a bronzer that makes me look like a Doritos chip, no matter how good they are, they belong in the stomach not the face. This bronzer is an A+ for moi.

All hail this perfect contour shade. So good and so smooth, like the feeling after you shave. Yes, that good. Okay I’m exaggerating now, but damn this whole palette was $6 and this contour powder is amazing. Rumor has it this might be a dupe to the popular Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder, which alone is just $44.

Overall, pick this palette up. For $6 you really can’t go wrong and try out. I purchased mine from the Elf Cosmetics website, but I’m pretty sure Target and Walmart, maybe even Kmart, has begun to carry this.

With that being said, here is too a chiseled face my friends. Contour responsibly.

Thanks for reading, hope you liked it! See you all soon.




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