New Goodies Review- Wet N Wild

Long time no post! Hello and happy Groundhog Day. Anyone else super bummed spring is coming early… Probably not, I live for my cold weather. BUT new season calls for new makeup right, right!? So there are some perks after all. Cheers to new makeup, friends. Go wild (see what I did there?).

I’m back with a little something about the new Wet N Wild goodies that were released for the new year. While I didn’t get all of their new additions because it wasn’t all available, or they were sold out, I managed to score these at Walgreens.


Above is their new Velvet Matte Lip Color ($3.49) in the shade Charred Cherry and their Mega Last Lip Gloss ($1.99) in Berried Treasure.

Their Velvet Matte Lip Color as you can see swatches much warmer and pink than the packaging. Automatically that’s a con that the actual color doesn’t correspond to the packaging aka deceiving. No bueno. I can’t speak for all the other colors, but be warned if you’re eyeing these!

Shape of the pencil was your typical lip pencil tip. Very easy to line your lips, putting this on was very smooth, creamy and very comfortable. This shade in particular was really pigmented and opaque! As for their claim of being matte, maaaybe because I used a lip balm beforehand (useful tip), but it did leave a semi matte/satin finish after a few minutes of letting it set. From my experience it didn’t fully dry down right away. Transfer wise I tested it out a few minutes after applying and GOOD NEWS it hardly transferred. You can see in the picture above on the bottom left corner.

The lip gloss… to be honest I have no clue why I purchased this. I had mixed hopes and wasn’t expecting much because it was so inexpensive. But I was hopeful and of course it was a no go. Putting it on was very sticky off the bat, the doe foot applicator tugged at my lips. The color was sheer and had to build it up but for a gloss I wouldn’t go through the trouble because it can gunk up. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but it was sticky. The finish was pigmented but sheer. And above you see that it did transfer a lot on my hand. So skip this if you’re planning on smooching all night!

New packaging and formula for their Color Icon blushes! Which were already a good product before the reformulation too. The shade I picked up is in Rose Champagne ($2.99).  Yes I am super fair, year round not just because it’s winter, but it’s a very light blush. Not necessarily the most pigmented but given the color it might show up more on deeper skin tones? This is powdery picking up with your brush, by tapping off the excess it applies smoothly. Again since I’m so fair this was more of a nice sheen on top of my bronzer. Alone it does give a nice natural, glowy flush to the cheeks. Maybe this can be a highlight too *cue the light bulb*.


Both of these brushes are $.99!  One of the left is the Small Concealer Brush, and the right is the Large Eye Shadow Brush.

I love these. Right away the concealer brush spoke to me as an eye shadow brush. I packed on eye shadow to my lid and it applied so smoothly and picked up the color very well. The large shadow brush surprising worked well for the crease. I have very prominent eyes and the shape was perfect to disperse and even blend out the color. Brushes can be versatile and used for different purposes you find works for you! As an added bonus, they didn’t shed after washing them and no staining on the bristles. I can’t wait to pick up more from their brush line. Thank you Wet N Wild for making affordable, adorable brushes am I right? Pick these up, cant go wrong!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you got something out of this for reference. I’ll be back with a new post very soon. Have a great rest of your week 🙂



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