Cruelty Free 101

Cruelty Free Makeup Brushes

Hello guys! Today’s post is all about makeup brushes! From different brands, to where they’re found and their price range. You’ll be surprised how affordable and high quality some can be. Chances are you might already even have a few of these bad boys in your collection.

The real, guaranteed cruelty free brushes you should be looking out for are synthetic fiber brushes and Vegan. Synthetic brushes are man made with fibers such as nylon, taklon and/or polyester, meaning NO animal hair. Even though synthetic and natural hair have different purposes in terms of use, I know you could still achieve great work with a synthetic brush, if not better than a natural hair.

We’ll cover 100% cruelty free brands with cruelty free brushes (and vegan options), to some questionable ones that I’ll mention last. Let’s get on with the list!

E.L.F Cosmetics– Carry a ridiculous amount of brushes. Not kidding you, SO MANY. Particularly their studio line, which are the black handle brushes, are the ones you should go for. They’re super soft, apply and disperse product great. I have a few that have held up really well after numerous washes and don’t shed! That’s always great huh, especially for how inexpensive they are. Some can be hit or miss, all preference though. They can be found at Target, Walmart, Kmart, and Price ranges from $1 to $10. 

elf brush collection
E.L.F Collection Brush Set  <- Direct link

Real Techniques– Created by You Tubers Sam and Nic Chapman. Real Techniques has super high quality brushes, in my opinion, at a very reasonable price. You can find them at Walmart, Target, Kmart, Walgreens, Ulta, and their website. From brush sets, to single brushes, to a must have face sponge (so I’ve heard, it’s on my wish list) you’ll surely find something you’ll love. They’re soft, hold up amazing after washes and perform really well. Haven’t experienced any shedding from ones I own. Although they can be a little higher in price, mainly their brush sets, I say they’re definitely worth a shot if you want a good starter kit,  it’s a great deal! Price ranges from $6 to $30

Real Techniques Core Collection!/   <- Direct link

Eco Tools– My personal favorite. The first brushes I’ve ever purchased, used and loved. Okay I wont get too sappy, but they’re amazing! If you haven’t felt how soft their brushes are, go to Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Kmart and Ulta (where they can be found) and pick one up. Their brushes are known for being incredibly soft, work wonderful and at their price you really cant beat that. I own quite a few and they apply, blend product like a dream. Again, they wash very easily while maintaining their softness. They don’t shed what so ever, and what’s also an added bonus is

“Our products are 100% cruelty free, feature recycled aluminum and renewable bamboo.” statement from their website.

But how cool is that right!? Definitely a great brand to use overall.  Price ranges $2.99 to $19.99.  

custom coverage buffing brush
Eco Tools Custom Coverage Buffing Brush  <- Direct link

Wet N Wild– Wet n Wild released this new year brand new cruelty free and vegan friendly brushes! At a really low and affordable price. I have picked up a few so I’ll update you guys on how good they are soon. Well, we’ll see. You can find them at Walgreens, it’s the only place I’ve seen them. They’re in a super cute packaging as opposed to their old ones. Price ranges from $.99 to $2.99! 

wet n wild new brushes
Brand NEW Wet n Wild Cruelty Free Brushes! <- Direct link

Too Faced– I don’t know much about Too Faced brushes personally, but I decided to include them in the list because they’re cruelty free. They’re synthetic and vegan friendly. Also, their packaging is freaking adorable. Check em out, they’re pricey though! Too Faced can be found at Ulta, Sephora or their website.  Price ranges $15 to $65. 

pro essential teddy bear hair brush set.png  <- Direct link

Urban DecayPrice ranges from $16 to $26. Can be found at Ulta, Sephora or their site. Majority of brush options are vegan friendly, hooray!

naked flushed double ended brush
Urban Decay Naked Flushed Double Ended Brush  <- Direct link

Beauty Blender– Ah, yes. The notorious Beauty Blender. I don’t own it, though all the hype surrounding it it’s really hard to not cave in, splurge and see for myself. But $20 just sounds ridiculous at the same time. I’ll debunk it’s glory one day. In the mean time, it can be found at Sephora or their website.

Pink Beauty Blender  <- Direct link

Makeup Geek– Alright, who doesn’t love Marlena the CEO of Makeup Geek? She has such a down to earth, fun personality that’s so uplifting to watch her videos or snapchats. She’s just the beez neez. And I’m most certain her products aren’t any less. All her brushes and makeup are cruelty free! You can purchase Makeup Geeks brushes separate or in a set ranging from $8.5o to $50.00. Might I add, they look pretty bad ass too.

Makeup Geek Face Brush Bundle <-Direct link

Sedona LacePrice ranging from $13.95 to $109.95. Woah, I know. Do not worry though, their pricier items are the sets of brushes they offer in their Vegan line.

seven midnight lace synthetic brush set
Sedona Lace Seven Midnight Lace Synthetic Brush Set <- Direct link

Here are the questionable ones I mentioned…

Sonia Kashuk– This is a tricky one. While none of their brushes are vegan because they do use animal hair, the brand claims it is still cruelty free. I would have to do more research and get back to you guys on that. It’s hard to know how and prove just how they do  remain cruelty free. But within their regular makeup line and the brand over all, they are! So that’s still great. Maybe skip on their brushes for now. Found only at Target stores.

Morphe Brushes– It feels as though Morphe has been all the rage this past year  in the beauty world don’t you think? And I’m happy to report they do offer a Vegan line of brushes available on their website and a good majority of their other brushes are synthetic. Although, I can’t seem to find any solid statements from them if they’re cruelty free overall or not so I was hesitant to add them. Their Vegan line is on sale right now prices ranging from $1.85 to $13.99.  <-Direct link

Crown Brush– Another tricky brand to debunk. While they do state their brushes are

“All Crown Brushes are 100% Animal Cruelty Free. Absolutely no animals are harmed or destroyed for the purpose of making our brushes!”

taken from their website, it’s hard to trust words. Especially when their brushes are made of various animal hair. So I guess, for now it’s up to you. While I can gladly go about this in a later post, I’ve mentioned brands above who are more reliable you can purchase.

Bdellium Tools– While not all Bdellium Tools brushes are vegan and or synthetic, they do have wide variety of brushes that are. Various of their brush handles are in fact Eco friendly bamboo handles. Bonus. They too claim while they do use animal hair, they remain cruelty free.


All of Bdellium Tools natural hair bristles are either Pony or Goat hair. We DO NOT use any exotic animal’s fibers (sable, squirrel, weasel, badger, etc). NO ANIMAL CRUELTY is involved in the production of any of our tools.” 

THE END. I hope this was informative and learned about makeup lines that carry cruelty free brushes you can purchase! I’ll gladly keep updating this list later on if anything new surfaces or to add a brand. Thanks for reading, please like, share and follow 🙂



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